The Mobile Browser is dying

Comscore’s latest report confirmed what everybody already knew: consumers mostly use mobile apps, desktop is becoming a niche play and mobile browsers will soon be a thing of the past.


For ad platforms, this has profound implications. Selling monetization services to app developers is a totally different ballgame than convincing media folks to throw a new ad tag in their ad server.

Also, apps developers have historically favored more “native” advertising units over low-CPMs banners.

MoPub, Smaato and other pioneers in the programmatic native app space gained prominence by distributing broadly their advertising SDKs in the early 2010s.

SDK no more

The business is changing, however.

No developers want to add “yet another SDK” to their app. As networks become more sophisticated, and HTML5 gain traction, calling an ad network endpoint become a viable options for developers to retrieve ads.

In parallel, video and native video advertising is opening new opportunities. For example, Video CPMs and higher fill rate are high enough to entice game developers to offer watching ad as an alternative to in-game purchases.








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